The Light Catcher

A vicious circle & a thrilling redemption
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"Sameer Chopra crafts interesting characters in his debut novel The Light Catcher. We have read about the cut throat competition in the corporate world earlier. What makes The Light Catcher different from other books is it brilliant characterization".

"For a first time writer, its a commendable job done. The book is quite interesting and will keep the reader curious with every chapter. The story is quite relatable for most of us doing private jobs and the journey of the protagonist inspires the reader".

"This book is so relatable..for a banker like me.a gripping description of a typical corporate environment..this is a great inspiration to follow one's matter what..the protagonist seems to be one of us..yet so different.must read".

"The writing is sharp and crisp. The events in the life of the protagonist are easy to relate to. We feel for the protagonist and that I think is the success of the author. There are very few books that succeed in painting realistic picture of the things and The Light Catcher is definitely one of them. Don't miss this one".

"Extremely well written book with skillful use of fast paced narrative to take the plot forward. Characters are portrayed well and compliment the plot and do not appear superfluous. On the whole an extremely enjoyable read".

"A captivating story about each one of us who strive to achieve a different life".

The Light Catcher


The narrative used by the author to tell the story is one of the bests I have experienced by a debutante. Not even once did I feel that the book is written by someone who has just come into the writing world.

Abhilash Ruhela,


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